Merry Christmas Mom

Dearest Mom,

Christmas has come once again

And it reminds me so, of how much

I miss you, and your kind spirit.

For me. you were so much

About what Christmas was all about.

Growing up, it never mattered

How poor we were

Or what was going on in your life

You made it special for us

You taught us the true meaning of Christmas

And I carry that with me in my Heart

As much as I would love to just

Forget the Holidays this year

Because I miss you so

I know I can't..., because I too

Have a child to make

It special for.....your Granddaughter

You taught me the true meaning of Christmas

Isn't about just gift giving,

And Santa, and the commercialism of the season..

It's about faith, and  rejoicing,

Because of the birth of our Savior.

You gave me those gifts

And I hold them deep in my heart.

Thank you Mom, for all of

The gifts, you have given me

Of faith, hope, and joy

That extend beyond the grave....

I love you so.

Merry Christmas Mom



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Letters to Mom" are part of the grief work I continue to do.  Losing a parent is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.
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