I Am Sure (animals?)


Sittin' on a lily pad and eatin' flies is realy not so bad

Unless you are a porcupine and stickers on your back is all you have

It's great to chew on bark all day and roll up in a ball to feel secure

But a tiger tryin' to do that would really look quite silly, that's for sure

But I've got you; that's all I do

We've only got each other

And we're really quite at home with what we do

Eatin' all that red raw meat and growlin' and scratchin' on a tree

Is not a thing that's in your grasp if you are a fish down in the sea

Sleepin' in the water and swimmin' all your life is hardly fair

If a bird is what you are, flappin' hard to stay up in the air

So I've got you; my love is true

We're intertwined and life is wine,

intoxication's living that we do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Robert W. "DJ" Cameron. Not dated. I was trying to write a song and this is what came out. I'm not even sure it's finished - write your own ending.

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