Lies of Life

My Favourites

Once upon a time there was Aristotle

The Turks burned his books

We invented God because we need more books

Aristotle was dead so we made God

We say Elvis lives

We lie

God is dead. We killed Him

Yet we say He lives

We lie

God killed us and gave us rotting flesh

Yet we say we live

We lie

God doesn't deserve a funeral

We killed a King and declared a holiday

We killed a king and declared a religion

We killed their sons and ours

We killed a million kings

and declared a war

We fucked their daughters

And made more kings to kill

We smoked a joint

Hitler is a saint

We worship Ronald Reagan

Aren't we great?

Welcome to my cave

How does it smell?

Now it's all a song - a cadenza

A chorus that's sometimes out of tune

The music tells the truth

But we lie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by Robert W. "DJ" Cameron. My attempt at modern poetry. 10 April, 1992 at 2 AM.

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