Flashes of Brilliance

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From the first time you walked in there and they said, "Stick this in your ear."

You wondered if the day would come when you would be free and clear.

You wondered if they really cared when they said your count was low,

And year after year, the harder they kicked, the faster you would go.

And when your shift was over, you'd go home for some peace and quiet

And you find a grumpy old man growlin' for food and seven kids inciting a riot.

Well you found yourself working harder and the years were drifting by,

But the boss didn't get any nicer and the pay still wasn't too high


For every crabby old customer who was not so polite to you

A thousand got to talk to Grandma and it was you who put them through.

And for every old drunk who cursed and swore and slept in the phone booth all night,

There are hundreds of lives you probably saved and lovers whose hearts you made light,

And if you think your kids didn't love you, we want you to know you are wrong

And that grumpy old man who's been hanging around... Well we've loved him just as long.

Sometimes we don't know how to tell love and sometimes we don't know how to show it,

But rather than try to catch up with Mom, I guess we'll just have to owe it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my mother's retirement from the telephone company. It was published in the phone company paper and read at her retirement party.

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