dancing blue

Oh girl, I wish you wouldn't joke that way
I love you and I cant get past all of this
a half bottle of jager and I cant get past where I started
my fault to think liquor would work the way it never does
everyone wants forever I just want to be yours tonight
but I am a lump of coal in a field of flowers
cold, hard, mean
but I swear that something lays deeper
oh girl, I wish I knew you better
the way I know a good novel
I fucked up that is on me
the snow wont stop and I am claiming that like a bad day
so judge slam me with them drunken blues
everybody wants there share but I do not owe a damn thing
but take the blizzard off my shoulders so i can fly past them late night operators
I am a liar, but my truth is so boring
i am a thief, bag full of everything but you
some day that other gal will forgive me but not now
some day i will be worth my weight
but by then you will have found a world worth so much more 

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