sour and sweet

Please don't look at me with those blue eyes,

or speak to me in a soft tone!

the feeling of soft porcelain is where i cracked,

been wishing for some vanilla skies ever since.

a glitch in the program, any face would do!

Please don't tease,

if the venom is thick then just let it eat away!


All the hairs on the back of my neck standing on ends,

like a ghost your haunting my bed side.

I been trying to obtain the cure but I really shouldn't touch...

my chest restricts I can feel the pain of every fucking beat,

I would call for support but maybe this time its different,

maybe this time its not a dream and the fall will

rupture, ripple, but i'm doomed to repeat this lucid beating.

just breath till the sky turns gold, swirling ideas till the mornings dew.

If I knew the ending would that change anything?

probably not if I wake and I dont remember your face know its for best

but this isn't a movie its a shame because I was just learning every inch of your skin,

but I fear it be better to whip the name from the code...

how many times am I suppose to spin around?

Im crashing breathless and a ghostly white.

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