full of self (shock and awe)

took down all the memories of us 

found some remedies, i mean enemies 

left them in shock and awe 

had to much of a sweet tooth 

felt like you broke my damn jaw 

i swear loves fucked up   


narcisist, I would never say i suck 

narcisist, sentimental, sappy, emotional, ah fuck!

narcisist, love me more than anybody


selling out that old dream for a new, 

fucking on the run, 

present but fading, 

I knew we wouldnt work a damn thing out.

I would ask for forgiveness but who feed who the poison apple? 

couldn't think of a better way to medicate your pain!

shit! confession! rat-a-tat-tat on the ground 

now i think im edger 

no i meant a rat on the ground 

smoother transitions 

get into the moment 

shake that assets across the floor 

make my brain drip out every component 

someones placing bets that I can't defy physics 

this is purely random transactions 

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