Elena's Words

Our conversations always excite in me an animal desire to feel you! your body, your smell, your hands that explore me. I can feel your lips kissing my lips. I'm sure you can do it the way no one can. as a gourmet honey tasting and fine wine. breathing in the smell and only on the tip of the tongue a drop of the drink. I know you will not leave without attention every inch of my skin. you'll do it delicately and carefully. so that I could only feel the warmth of my fingers. they will study my lines like a blind sculptor who does not want to miss a single fine detail. my clothes will only be a temporary obstacle for you. but you won't be in a hurry to remove it. you unbutton all the buttons on my dress on my back. and I know I'll hear that sound in my inner voice. you run one hand through my already naked back and slowly as possible store along the spine with one finger, and look me in the eye. your view excites me as much as your touch!

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