A lust fulfilled

His Shaft reared hot and hard against her,Shock waves of pleasure sizzled

Her breasts were Warm and pliant,Startled by his intimate kisses

Head twisting frantically as he eased her breasts into his wanton lips

Blood humming in her veins as he sucked and teased each nipple in turn

Unchaining wild, delicious feelings,Wild and fierce with an open-mouth kiss

His brazen hands removed her panties down as the barrier of resistance crumbled,

The boldness of his tongue,on every curve of her sensuous body,

She circled his hardness,Clad only in her red skirt and sweet perfume

He felt the Soft cheeks of her bottom as they filled his eager hands

He was buried in the sweet heat of her semi naked body,

His mouth closed around the errect and pert nipples as she Cupped him in her hands

Delighted with her excited anticipation he Drew her into the maelstrom

He Grasped her knees and eased them apart Greedy mouth took bold possession

Her body closed tightly around him as he licked and sucked at her pearl

An Onslaught of raw physical desire roared through her as he probed Silken thighs

Shaft reared hot and hard against her,His Restraint drove her to distraction

Arched her back to better accept him Allowing his erection to cushion against her 

He admired her Feminine portal,as he Poised at her entrance slowly pushing in

Tremors rose of his hardness and his Undulating hips Withdrew and slid home again

Stretching her softness Taking him to the hilt,Sliding upwards against him.

Throbbing inside of her Probing in a slow repetitive rhythm,Reeled in wicked delight

Rapid, shallow breaths.Ripples of pleasure Rose over her a Sea of pleasure

Suddenly Shuddering with desire,her Shattering climax and wetness Soared high

Ultimate surcease,Voice quavered with the after effects,he Watched her face

Touch provoked a cry of physical pleasure as he exploded and Spilled his seed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A very exciteable sexual encounter

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