Was I the Fool ?

For being a fool i deserve what i get

For being a fool i get to be remembered in history

How can a man let every body down,

How can that man,watch other people drown


There was a time when i was real good company,

being in love was all i wanted to be,

but now i see that people were laughing,right behind my back

best of all these were people i thought the best of me.


It must be fun seeing what i couldnt see,

play the game they said and we will love you back

I didn't see that i was being taken for a ride

A stupid man and his ego loosing everything including his pride


The jokes on me right now i never will forget

How you all laughed at me and used me to get respect

pleased at my mistake of treating you as friends

while all the time you were plotting to make me defend


For being a fool i deserve what i get

Friends and lovers played a game with me,but

just you remember i never will forget

i might just do something that no one expects

For being a fool 

For being a fool 

treated like a fool

a stupid fool.

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