I climb so high

Lost in the sensation

I succumb to your

passionate creation


I cry out in pleasure

My body on fire

I cling to your scent

Hunger feeding my desire


To taste and lick

to touch, to flick

I scorch a path

Along skin that is slick


You feel so good

Your body I adore

Your skin amazing 

I have to explore


Don't hold back

Let your passion flow

Move with me

And let your actions show


Climbing that pinnacle

Reaching together

Desire whirling, intense

We're on the edge

Reaching and grabbing


Almost there, feel it

the anticipation

that sense of elation

We explode over the edge


Hearts beating wildly

Sweat intermixed

Hot and dazed

Completely spent


Limbs intertwined

Our bodies ebb

Into relaxation

Our desires fed


Sleep invites us

We tenderly kiss

we both succumb 

Satisfied and content

Author's Notes/Comments: 

words for a distant love

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