The Dance of love

The dance begins i cannot breathe,

Just like our lives,we're free at last,

Hold my hand while i tip the glass,

The shadows move,tall and grey,

Without your love i just cant stay.


The love it grows inside the dark.

The bright white light parts the night,

What happened then after our time apart

But just a step away its another world

She waits in vain down beside the pool


See the sea its Magenta blue,

this song of love i give to you

This is why my love is true

A walk of shame across the floor.


Dance with me,love is true

Dance with me,love is true


Away from here is another world

Her hair is up,her dress is blue

She sees her man across the room

Smile so bright her sweet perfume

Her costume jewel is shinning bright

Her rings they fall,a magenta blue,

Her song of love is calling you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Upon my Computer Screen.

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