For a love i may never meet

I want to explore your femininity.

I want to receive you in a warm embrace,

I want to kiss you in the most sensual place.


My desire for you drives me crazy.

No need to worry, love has come. I'm yours now and on.

I need to stand in front of you. I am yours. I'm yours.

Let's enjoy. Let's make love in the moonlight.

Lets play with fire,the fire of love,

Burning,yearning for a physical touch,

My body is thirsty for yours. Your body yearns for mine.

Lets drink from the flowing cup.

We are both ready to explore each other's minds.

Come to me ,come to your bedroom

Make love between these satin sheets.

The feel,the touch,the scent of you,

Please me tease me , I'm all yours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Words for a love,that i may never,ever meet. So far away.Just a thought of her makes me cry.

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