Your love is the icing on my cake.

My cake has disappeared.

It rose to the top of the pan;

Letting out its alluring aroma.

Only making a whisper when it came crashing down.

The pieces cut me deep;

Leaving the taste of blood upon my lips.

There your kiss still lingers,

With the picture of your smile in my head.

Talking about you with Roxanne

At the Newmarket Youth Centre.

I never said a word.

I never did like public speaking.

It was cool when you held me close

Because for a moment we were alone in a crowded room.

You're my hommie, dawg!

The sharp spear of love cut through my heart;

Leaving me with definite knowledge of pain.

So, I flew away with the butterflies.

V was always able to pick the wrong one.

But, when you realize how much love was there,

It'll be too late.

Afterall, dull stars lead the way.

To love and to not receive love back is a blessing.

Ti amo mio amore.

The pen tells you the words I cannot say.

When my chocolate cake has gone away.

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