Bee & my dad

cold day
why you hide

why you sting now
Chinese flower
roll on by

the honey is sweet
on another side

i fear you
in between my fingers

no more clothes
you always appear
when i can't control it

i hate the unknown

i want the best for you
but greedy, what for me

and perhaps even i inherited his 'gees
aller i mean not money
there was none of that

for that i blame him not
but want all the time back

who were you dad
i wish i knew i need a face

to love me solely cuz im yours
with no pretaste
pretense post-haste or proving

if you were here I'd do it anyway

The bee it stung you
deodorant was your fix
except that time
it stung your tongue
coke bottle swim

before my birth
those stories
damn i yearn for more

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