The Age of Unreason

You’re just one of life’s victims.

You’ll know it yourself if this rings true.

Ranting, raving, railing against the moon.

Bemoan your lot as you will.

A victim you’ll remain.

Complaint only serving to underline your failings,

And we are all sick of hearing it.

No good Samaritan,

No outstretched hand, helping.

No quarter expected or given.

A trouble shared, a trouble halved,

The old words of wisdom.

A trouble shared is a friendship marred,

In the new age of unreason.

Our society offers a choice.

Predation or negation.

You may still raise your game.

And join in the celebration.

Society red in tooth and claw.

We celebrate the beast!

What ever you do, stop moaning,

You owe us that, at least.

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