Lies In Your Head

Sometimes I wish you'd leave your head
Come back down to earth and join me instead
Help me believe that our love's not dead
You're blowing out our flame with your cold breath
Your alarms are going off from what I said
But those words were never mine, they're in your head
I can't shake off the feeling this is the end
I can't bare to lose you, you're my best friend

I promise you that I'd never lie
I just struggle to express how I feel inside
My only problem is when you say that you're fine
When even the blind can see that that's a lie
I'll be your sun in a cloudy sky
But you can't leave the dark unless you try
Please don't ever say goodbye
I'd say I'd be fine without you, but that's a lie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based off of the song Bulow - Sweet Little Lies.  My take on a response from the singer's partner.

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