Bitters...because dumb people need love too.

Do you know what it reminded me of tonight
seeing you with those stale things you call teeth?

It reminded me of how much you hate the fact that
you were born into a nightmare world where
you had a dad and you had a mom and
together you all knew the security code.

A place where Popsicles would melt over the sound of a garden hose
venison gut rinse, your mother's Xanax cocktails

and JC Penny's fall fashion for boys....year round.

 I saw it you fucker...I saw it.

 I saw you dreaming of high scores

and catcher's mitts, prepubescent girls

screaming your name and

catching you doing what you do best.

I saw you sucking your daddy's dick on lakefronts

in little boats called July while the sun

gave you A's and B's on the exams created

solely for cunts.

I saw you nervous about my scars, 

my dynamic, the way I am and my insatiable desire to masturbate on the motherfucking reg.


Ray Strickland

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