Jasmine tea and automatic locks

Floral jasmine tea with mango draws to a close.

The bus stops are empty and the drivers are tired and working doubles.

The angels play beer pong without keeping score
and the empty bottles collect under IKEA futons.

The ground is hardening and the plants weaken figuring what's the use.

Spoons on stoves stir what's left in the pantry.

A homeless man hears car doors lock as he makes his way along
the crosswalk of an intersection.

Therapists are catching glimpses of young girls crotches reclining on sofas.

Cats perch in windows watching their prey, damning the screens.

Two lovers discuss discretely fucking in an otherwise empty laundromat.

The money they save by not drying their clothes will be spent to board a bus.

The driver tired and working a double.


Raymond Strickland Jr.
2:15 pm

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