The Milwaukee microcosm

The friendly Mid-West my ass.

Dear God, can I please see another ten speed with
multicolored wheels, cards of some past hipster ride shoved in the spokes?
or maybe a sidewalk passer by with-in earshot so I can say,"Hello"
only to have them look at me with their
cold,frigid asshole eyes as if I were speaking
in Rubik's cube.

Dear God, just one more commercial
of some dim witted line-backer
selling leather sectionals or
auto insurance...please?

I need the total package.

I need a friendly place where taking a shower,
combing your hair,
wearing deodorant earns you the title of "douche-bag".

Where unkempt beards and pencil thin mustaches
are coffee soaked sexy beacons of
intelligence and a sure fire way to get laid
by that tight lipped, mealy mouthed girl
that just LOVES the burlesque movement
and wearing thin wire rimmed glasses
albeit 20/20 vision as she reads
Love and War for the 7th time
but only in plain view
of other like minded cocksuckers.

They leave together and fuck for hours on
Eco-friendly mattresses made of
unicorn farts,
dream catchers,
Indian feathers,
mustache clippings,
American Spirit cigarette butts
all held together with Co-exist stickers
lubing each other up with
soy milk
lightly steamed...
no foam.

Ray Strickland jr.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck Milwaukee.

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