1701 N. Arlington Pl.

In a bar.

12 hour day at work.

Lost my car keys last night and
had to call a locksmith to make a
new set.

$95 later my friend called me to
tell me that he'd found my keys
in his front seat.

This happened and will continue
to do so with a fervency the likes
of which you couldn't imagine.

I'm at a table now unwinding
with a beer, trying to regain my will, my smile.

I spot a table directly across
from me with a slightly chubby
girl dressed to the nines.

She's surrounded by a pack of wolves
drenched in AXE body spray and
Ed Hardy t-shirts.

The wolves take turns arm wrestling
the young girl...and of course
she wins but nothing could be
further from the truth.


Ray Strickland

June 23,2011

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