Know when to fold 'em

It's 3:07am and sleep is miles away.
Crosswords puzzles bore the shit out of me.
I never learned solitaire and counting sheep
is entirely out of the question.

I would get dressed and go for a walk

but it's in the mid to low twenties outside...
you couldn't pay me enough.


My bedside table is a mess.
It's cluttered with candles, papers,
an ashtray that's so full I had to
hire a half empty bottle of beer to finish
it's job and let's not
forget my trusty bottle of xanax.
My eyes are sore from being open too long.
They are sore from seeing too much.


I woke up today around noon.
It was the first day of the new year
and with the occasional visit to
the pisser, I sat at my typewriter
until the sun went down and then some.
Here I am wide awake and stuck in
another year of low pulse gatherings.


Raymond M.Strickland jr.
Jan.02, 2003

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