All us kids that snuck out

All the days once belonged to us.
They were wrapped in glorious surmise
and always welcome.

We would crawl quietly through
paint chipped window sills.

We were tramps scaling fences
and whispering past occupied homes.

We were young and impressed
with one another,
in love with one another,
in fear of one another.

We would piss on the parked cars
and carve so and so loves so and so
4 ever, 2 gether on telephone poles.

Grassy fields cradled our steps as our
cans and bottles were emptied
giving way to drunken splendor,
loosened belts and kisses with tongue.

Eventually the cricket's chime
joined hands with that glistening
golden hue and the time had come
for each of us to return home.

All traces of our fury and curious
travels were abandoned...

our empty cans and bottles
remaining nestled in the thicket
collecting dew.


Ray Strickland jr.  Sept.23,2007

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