KBWC radio station

Remember KBWC? That radio station from Wiley college.
Marshall Texas. 1983-1988?
The Dj called White Pony,
The song "White horse" by Laidback

play every time he would came on.
I was busy mowing lawns.

Jordache jeans but I had the generic.
Parachute pants.
The zipper on the knee
that would dig into the bone
when you did a knee spin
at the roller rink.
Paid lunch token,Green.
Free lunch token,red.
The boogie down bronx.
The visits to see Dad.
You thought metal detectors were soooo cool.
Wild berries covered in snake foam.
All cats are gray.
Bubble gum after a haircut.
Roxanne Shante.
Green stamps.
Your television baby sitter.
You loved the smell of permanent markers
and remember them well.
The drunken walk home.
"Whatcha gonna do when ya get
outta jail?"
I'm gonna have some fun.
What do you consider fun?
Fun, natural fun.
The acid soaked sunrise.
Checking mortuary doors just to see.
Sweet tea.
Rusted dumpsters all ablaze.
Your escort outside the city limit.
Your complete understanding
of the things that should and shouldn't be.
Your fascination with graffiti on trains.
The sock you had to wipe your ass with.
The smell of orange blossoms as you tried to fall asleep outside..
That beautiful cobweb strung between branches, you and the moon.
You running out to the highway that runs
in front of your house after hearing tires screech
to your dog as he lay dying.
His tail still managing to wag as you
scream his name.


Ray S.

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