Gas money

I've got gas money. Let's just get in the car and split.

Let's drive by the festering fields of garbage and all those for sale signs.
Right now is what counts and nothing else.
Let's say the green light prayer.

Let's play with carnage and steal lawn statues while we're at it.

I'll jump out and grab that marbled Virgin Mary as you pop the trunk
and we'll drive away like our ending is a good one.
Let's go out where patriotic stars and stripes are stifling and the mini-vans,

oh dear God...the mini-vans.
My birth? Sudden and unprepared.

Let's go for some Mexican food and forget all about it.
Sound good?
If we stay here we're surely destined to end up behind

shopping carts down on Mission and 6th.

Rhyme and reason?
Mere trinkets to be worn as shackles around ankles and wrists.

Right and wrong? A passing fancy...something to suckle during photo ops.
No spoke in my wheel just the occasional trounce of a guilty conscience.

As for you and I, here and now, I know this great little dive across town where the burritos

are the size of your leg and the tragic tales of can collecting are always welcome.


Ray Strickland 1998

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