" Love "

If you're too afraid when love comes

to simply just reach out,

if it offers to stay but you turn away

a prisoner of all your doubts,

If the next time love lies within your hand

hopeful as you watch it linger,

and again you refuse just to hold onto it

as it slowly slips through your fingers,

If love has stood before you again and again

and you chose not to embrace but to leave it,

your fear has crippled you to the point

that you can no longer move to retrieve it,

If love finds a way into your life

and you choose not to defend or protect it,

against the temptations and threats that exist

it will die for you chose to neglect it,

Love being love may someday return

but if you keep on just watching it go,

true love and trust and complete happiness

are things you will never know...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some people are just unable to reach out,hold on or go after love,,given the choice between protecting that love or protecting themselves,,they will ALWAYS choose to protect themselves,,their fear of being hurt,of being rejected,of failing,,of being vulnerable always freezes them in their tracks,,so instead of doing something,,they do nothing,Fear is an emotion and if you allow it,,fear can make you it's prisoner,,but,,it IS a choice that each person makes,,to be free,,or be a prisoner,,,sad,,but true..

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