People telling truths and doing lies

as they look at you with innocent eyes,

though they know they do wrong

you're nothing to them but one of the throng.

They proclaim salvation through a witch,

then destroy the Ways and make others ditch.

They sing out love for everyone,

yet they discriminate and have their fun.

Yelling that they love you too,

in their ways, they hate you and what you do.

Proclaiming that 'peace' is what they love

Using their symbol: the white dove.

They make wars upon wars heaped,

and then say it's in holiness steeped.

All you do is lie and hurt,

with a voice of ice, sweetened and curt.

I want no part of this,

leave me in my homespun bliss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I'm Wiccan. And I'm honestly sick of the Christians who believe that there is only one path and that they are the right ones. Stop fighting over the Spirit already. At the core of the issue, we're all celebrating and worshipping the same thing. End of story.

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