I'm sick of lies that never end

I'm sick of losing my dearest friend

I'm sick of hearing blatant fibs,

I'm sick of people calling dibs.

I'm sick of life and of living,

I'm sick of you and your aliby giving.

I'm sick of your endless shit,

I'm sick of getting hit.

When we leave your sorry ass behind,

When we find ourselves nose-to-the-grind,

Will I regret leaving you?


I rather die than stay around,

I rather be buried in the cold damp ground.

I rather go to hell or wander the earth,

and lets forget about my birth...

I swear that I will never again think,

how you acted like the racist pig in the mud that you did sink...

I'll forget you, this I swear!

I'll never think about you after this year...

This final year, so short it will seem,

so fast these few precious days gleam

in the bright sunlight of my memory,

where I can go back, where I can still see.

the happiness you took away

the old times full of their own fun each day.

I will be happy once from you I am gone,

and I hope you like being alone.

This I hope, this I pray,

this is what I think each day...

only about getting away...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after my mom decided she was leaving dad for the fifth time four years ago. Needless to say, she didn't leave him afterall.

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