Because its his pain

And I’m sure it burns like fire

But I’m too far

So for me it just shines like the sun

But he doesn’t even want me to see it

Because he thinks its something ugly

He doesn’t realize whatever glow illuminates trembling skin

Can’t mask the soul I’m drawn to.

Because its his pain

I cannot describe it.

I’m too far away so its like the silence

Born of a void residing in something

Too powerful to allow it.

And I think we’re all fragile

But you never had to see others fall

Just to know they wouldn’t

Fall into you.

And I wanted to silence everyone

Just so they couldn’t speak against me.

But you gave me a voice

So now I can speak for me

So I don’t really care what they say.

You’re trying to hold yourself together

And you gave me the only hope I have

So I am going to hold onto you just like that.

For Matthew: 03-01-2010

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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