I'm Just Sorry For It

And I loved your lies

They sounded just like

I wished the truth could be.

I haven’t lost that love

Because when I think about

How it should have been

It should have been like

You said it would be.

There was a beautiful soul trapped

Inside of those ugly patterns.

They went too far

Or maybe you just went too far

To go without them.

I could still hear your voice

Cracking on the phone.

Hoping you just did not understand

What you were saying

Because what you did, had to be lies.

Maybe part of me is wishing

What you were saying was all lies.

I think it would be easier to do it then…

If you were just all villain.

But you were that little girl then

You were the victim.

And I’m sure the bruises remind you

Of those things your father did to you

Even if these bruises are from your own blows.

And I have to let you die,

You’ll die with your words

That were the lies and the truth.

I’m just sorry for it.

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