I killed my son

Last year I was forced to kill my son.

I shot him in the back with my gun.

He beat me and my wife and the beatings never ceased.

My wife always stopped me when I was going to call the police.

He beat the hell out of us even though we were his mom and dad.

My wife thought there was good in him but he was 100 percent bad.

The pain was something that my wife and I had to tote.

One day I saw him holding a knife to his mother's throat.

I got my pistol out of a drawer and I fired a shot.

If you're wondering if I'm happy about it, I am not.

He said "Fuck you" with his final breath.

I had no choice but to put him to death.

I will never forgive that bastard for what he put us through.

Now my wife and I are happy and we're starting our life anew.

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