You dump men over superficial things and I don't understand this.

You throw men away and they usually get pissed.

I think the way you treat men is very crummy.

Last week you dumped my friend because he beat you at gin rummy.

You got mad because a man said he didn't like your favorite television show.

When he asked you out a second time, you said hell no.

You didn't like a guy's shirt so you said goodbye.

I still remember seeing him wipe the tears from his eyes.

You dumped me because I dropped a candy bar on your floor and that was wrong.

It's not surprising that your relationships don't last very long.

You did some irritating things but I wouldn't have dumped you.

You want to find true love but I don't think you'll be able to.

How will you deal with a big problem when you can't even deal with problems that are small?

If you keep this up, you won't have anyone at all.

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