Under The Dome Part 1

Inspired by Stephen King's book, Under The Dome.


Rewrite of Lita Ford's Under The Gun


We need a hero

To save a cut-off lonely town

So scared

We're really starting to feel the pain here

Under this strange dome


A mad man runs our town

Like an outta control lovesick Romeo

And we fear

All winners will end losers

Gripped in an endless nightmare

Under the dome


So who will dare stand up and fight for what they believe?

Who is wrong and who is right in this?

What are the shades here between black and whit

God no

Again the time it seems has come

Whose turn will it be this time to die?

Under the dome

Under the dome


How many heartaches can one town take?

How many lovely dreams are shattered

By one madman's mistake?

So we look to an army tough guy

Praying at least some of the damage can be undone

No one to help you but yourself

When justice is trampled

And the truth dies to die

My friend, hey

Just another day

Under the dome, yeah


2014 Ramona Thompson

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