Sex Is Temporary, True Love Is Forever

Inspired by a headline seen on a dating website


I want real

I want forever

A friend

Not just another lone wolf lover

Sniff around

Then you're gone

Makes no damn sense to me

Old enough

To have had your fun

Now time's catching up

Oh, no more love on the run

Nights of just a taste of lady's rum

Cause baby




Sex is temporary

True love is forever

You either want it

Or you don't


We've got it

Or we don't

S-E-X does not equal L-o-v-e

So quit tryin' to screw me

Prove to me

Bed is not all you want

Show a girl

Romance ain't dead




Stone cold

Boy, feelin' me up

Ain't the same as feelin' it

Keep it 100

No less

Oh no, your naked does not impress

Unless your plan is to get me into a wedding dress

Tonight you won't be gettin' none

No lady yum yum

Have't you heard the chorus?






To every man and woman

It matters today

More then ever

In an age of social diease gone mad

Can't afford

To jump into just any affair wild

Gotta be a little more mild

A lot more choosy

Instead of hyped and boozy

Baby, I'm not just another cheap floozy

I believe




Got a choice

Can say hello

Start a whole new future

Or here and now

I can say


Walk away

To find my way

My path to Mr. Right

Not Mr. Right Now

We can be or we can't

You will or you won't

What do you want

If it's the same as me

Baby, come on

Come on

And sing this song right back to me


Chorus 2X


2014 Ramona T

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