While His Wife Sleeps

Rewrite of Kiss' song While The City Sleeps


What goes on behind closed doors

Oo, would't you like to know?

With my love

I heal his open wounds

With our secrets

We open for her

New sores

I'm her best friend

And her worse enemy

If she only knew

Every night I  bring him to his knees

With sweet, sensual thrills

It's a thumbs down

For the friendship we used to know


Presses my petal to his metal

On the mark

We get set ready and go!


Could care less

I'm burnin' bridges

Just wanna take

All that I can get

Goin' for her throat

Time the bitch paid her debt

In full

OOh sleepin' with him

I find it's the best revenge

So tonight once more

I'll give him Heaven

All the while I'm giving her Hell


While his wife sleeps

I plot to destory

Her so called perfect life

Smooth away his troubles in the night

Secretly dreaming of her

Spoiling for a fight

While his wifey sleeps

He's a begger

I'm a thief

And she's a loser

Oh so dreamy

The revenge of his sexual relief


Once upon a time

He promised her

For better or worse

Now that promise has been broken

Betrayed, brought and sold

I love him hot

Every night

She leaves him cold


It's no hit or miss

I'm always right on target

Sheer perfection

An eye for an eye

She destoryed my tomorrow

So I live to ruin her today

And no one but us 2 know or care why


While his wifey sleeps

Let me paint it all for you

All here in black and white

While his wifey sleeps

Through the eye of pain's needle

Slowly I unthread her life


2013 Ramona Thompson 

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