Queen's Baby Mama Drama Song

Rewrite of the Queen classic, Boienhuem Rasphony-Crap spelled it wrong! Well, if you're a Queen fan you'll know which one  I mean!


What happened to my young life?

When did I lose sight of my dream, my fantasy?

Lately it's all been so easy come, easy go

Very little high

A whole lotta low

Caught in a lover's landslide

I can't escape

From my bitter reality

Opened up her thights

Held those feet up to the sheer blue skies  

Too late for me to see

Just a young, stupid boy

No one gives me any respect or sympathy

Anyway the wind blows

Always seem somebody's out to get me


Baby mama you won't kill this man

So take that gun from my head

So what

Just once I pulled the trigger

Don't mean I gotta stick around

To be what I don't wanna be

A dad

No, no I gotta be gone

Before my life

You throw it all away


Baby mama, ooh

Don't care if it makes you cry

If I'm not back again this time tomorrow

I know you'll carry on, carry on

Cos nothing we had ever really mattered


Too late

The time has finally come

You don't send those shivers down my spine

Ooh no, no more

Heart's done aching all the time

Goodbye to your sexy body

This homeboy has got to go

Gotta leave your drama behind

Find my own truth

Baby mama, ooh

Any way the wind blows

You make a grown man wanna

Curl up and die

I often times wish our son had never been born at all


Bitch, I ain't no little silhouetto of a man

Scaramouche, scaramouche

Will dance no more your fandango

Brings on the lawyers, thunderbolts and lightening!

It's not that frighting to me!

Galieo! Girl, you can kiss my...


Galieo! Galieo!

Yeah, honey, you can suck my

Galieo Figaro Magnifico!


I was just a poor, native boy

Nobody ever loved me

He was just a poor, native boy 

From a poor crack family

Spare him the horror of you as his wife

You ho! You monstrosity!

Easy come! easy go!

Will you fight or let him go?

Bigmillah! No! We will not let him go!

Not let him go!

Let him go!

Bigmillah! Let him go!

No! We will not let our baby daddy go!

Let him go!

Bigmillah! We will not let him go!

Let him go! You crazy bitch!

No, I won't let you go! Gravey train!

No, I will not let you go! Meal ticket of mine!

Let me go, ho!


No no no no no no no!

Oh mama  mia! Mama mia!

Mama mia let me go!

Beelzchub is the name of the devil

Bitch, you've made of my life and me

Oh of me, of my life and me


So you think you're gonna stone me and spit in my eye?

So you think forever, woman, you can contain me?

While inside a little more each day I die


Oh baby won't let your mama do this to me, baby

So sorry, baby

But it's gotta be goodbye my baby

Just gotta get out

Just gotta get right outta here

Before any innocent blood is spilled here


Nothin we had ever really mattered

Everyone could always see

Nothing we had ever really mattered

Nothing we had ever really mattered

Woman, you only ever wanted to control me

Anyway the wind blows...


2013 Queen Ramona Thompson 



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