Our Dreams Are A Battlefield

Rewrite of the famous Pat Bentar hit, Love Is A Battlefield from my book-Nightmare-Music From elm Street


We are young

Teenage heartache to heartache

How againest this evil

Can we hope to stand?

So many bloody promises

So many scary demands

Our dreams are a battlefield


We try to hard to be strong

To tell our story

To disbelifting ears

Adults all laugh

Call us wrong

Say he's only a silly dream

But he's been haunting us too long

For that to be true

Yeah,  those who have been there know

Our dreams are a battlefield


Sanity is startin to go

As yet another friend

In horror we watch those claws slay

Why does he wanna make us suffer so bad?

Maybe it would help to know

Maybe it would help us

To once and for all

Get pushed outta the way

The worse dream he is

Surely to be had

Wake up

Screaming in the night

Please before it's too late

Somebody believe me

Somebody please believe me

No, I can't explain why

But I'm trapped by his hate

And I'm chained to his demonic side




He's taking over

In dreams

Total control

No use trying to run away

His poison has seamed deep inside

Oh it's all gotten so old

More and more deaths

More and more fear

Through the years

So tired of this monster's same ole same ole game

There's gotta be some way

We can make this hell die


Oh beware when you close your eyes to sleep

In your dreams

Creep, creep, creeping

If he gets too close and takes control

On your mortal soul

Could very well lose your fraglie hold


Chorus 2X


2013 Ramona Thompson Kruger   




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