It's International Bon Ouija Day!

It is now

The greatest day ever created


Super exciting!

It is the dawn and the birth of something new here in heavy metal

New and bold and gripping

The beast has come to rock!

Entering now into his playing field

Rockers get ready!

Never again will your world ever be the same again

And trust us that is one hell of an awesome thing

The monster is rising

In your all powerful grip it wants to place a rockin' guitar

One made to move the heaven and the earth

No where else on earth will you find this once in a lifetime chance

A chance to take that stage and forever change your life

Leaving all the bad times behind once and for all


Break the mold

Oh no, baby! You don't have to be afraid

Not ever again


Onward rock n roll will carry you to all your dreams come true

U will be a superstar

It's not even a question

Join us here and now for your moment

A brave new day to come


Due now is your every wish come through

A hand is reaching out to you

You must take it if you wanna rock!

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