Summoning 9 To 5

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Creepy rewrite of Dolly Parton's Workin' 9 To 5


Trouble started

The first moment

I contacted the undead

24/7 now got those nasty spirits bitching

Guess I overfilled my cup of supernatural ambition

Endless the line does stretch

All my many friends and foes

Reaching out

From the afterlife

Yeah, they growl and they glower

All them at once a talkin'

Gets my troubled heart

Double time pumpin'

These undead folks demanding I be on the job

From 9 to 5




Summoning 9 to 5

What a drage

Workin' with the non living

My sanity barely gettin' by

Cause my business

It is dying

Yeah, a headache I'm a gettin'

Slowly goin' outta my mind

Where's my credit?

My fame!

Damn shame!

It's enough to drive a girl crazy

If I let it

9 to 5

I'm the undead's service and devotion

I hear the devil himself

Praises me for a big, fat promotion

If I'll cater to his ranks of the dead

But I ain't stupid enough

To let him have me

No way!

Even if he swears he got no designs the soul of thee


They make me wanna scream

Just hearin' them and their chains endlessly rattle

I'm just a step

From jumping off a ladder

Listening to their tortured screams

I feel my last grip on reality slip away

Like the Titanic

I can feel

The sinking of my boat

With this group of fiends

For my only friends

Waitin' for the day my own nice, quite grave

I can step into

Then away from me they'll all turn

And at last I will know

A peaceful way



Summoning 9 to 5

What a drag

Workin' with the unliving

My sanity barely getting by


They got me where they want me

Empty life

I don't wanna even think about it

What happened to me

The night I first played

That forbidden game

No matter how I try to escape it

Every minute of my life

Always one more ghost story

I got to swallow it




2018 Ramona Thompson



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