George Herbert Walker Bush

A tribute to the 41st president of the United States who passed away over the weekend.


Gone but never to be forgotten

Everyone will always remember

One of the finest men to ever live

Reigned surpreme for his short time here on earth

George now resides a king with his queen, Barbara, in Heaven above

Eternal and glorious for always


Heaven's perfect angel he is now

Everlasting joy in his renewed soul

Rich with the great treasures of a new life beyond

Everywhere all over for all time his memory shall be praised

Remembered always as one of history's very best

The light of him shines boldly on


Welcome arms of Heaven above hold him now tight to never let go

Angels weep with joy over the gift of his presense

Long may this be his just and most deserved reward

King of glory granted a new and most faithful servant

Enter now your new home with everlasting peace, Mr. President

Remembered fondly here on earth until we meet again 


Behind you now forever are your earthly troubles

U shall never again know another day of sorrow

So fly high and free our angel

Hold tight to eternity and its promise of everlasting joy to behold


2018 Ramona Thompson




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