Calling Out The NFL!

Calling out the NFL over this whole National Anthem mess, I wrote these!


Anyone who would like to post these on your web sites, facebooks or youtube videos please let me know!


Let's get the word out and protect our flag! Show it the respect it deserves!






The Whole Ten Yards


By Ramona Thompson


There's nothing you can do or say to make this right

Hell of a mess you've made sticking your beliefs where they don't belong

Even Hollywood isn't this stupid compared to the NFL


What were you thinking to refuse to stand?

How could you bring such shame to an otherwise outstanding sport?

One would start to think those sport enchanceing drugs had made you lose your damn mind

Lacking any decent moral values as far I can see

Even you have to admit it was't the best career move to make


There's something missing in that brain of yours, son

Eager, why so eager to tear down a good nation that had made you rich beyond your wildest dreams?

None of your reasoning even begins to make sense


You an idiot or just plain damn fool?

A whole country of anthem lovers would sure love to know the answer that burning question

Reached out limit now with these crazy on the field antics

Don't respect the U.S. than get out of it!

Sure not we need or want you anyway!


2017 Ramona Thompson


Flag On The Play


By Ramona Thompson


Foul and unjust!

Lower than low to treat the flag this way

Allowed never to play again should be your ulimate punishment

God knows even that really isn't enough


Out with cowards and in with real men who give a damn about their nation!

No, we won't kneel beside you in disgrace


There's too many of us and too few of you for you to win anyway

Heros in nothing but your own minds

Everyone laughs behind your backs that you even started this


Pathetic, just pathetic

Losers one and all

A show of disrespect like this sure could ruin a career

You really should have thought about that before you tried to take on the good ole U.S. of A


Now should't you Mr. Footballs For Brains?


Should't you?


2017 Ramona Thompson




By Ramona Thompson


Shameful, just shameful

These cannot be the role models our kids adore

A protest this disrespectful simply cannot be allowed

No way, no how

Don't you agree my fellow Americans?


So how about it?

This could be our only chance to get these cowards off our tv screens

An idiot at a time we must get them fired and replaced

No second chances

Don't you see the fate of our country depends on our courage to do this?


Simply put we have no other choice

They cross the line first and worse

Apologies are too late to be accepted and don't mean anything anyway

Now my own boy is refusing to stand because he wants to be like his hero

Don't you think it's gone too far?


So much we could on the playing field anyway than these pitful fools

Too lazy to give a damn about a nation that has given them so much

A little sick to my stomach is what it makes me

No one else maybe willing to say it but I will

Down with the NFL and rise up in glory for the U.S.A.!


Who's with me?


2017 Ramona Thompson


May God Bless American


By Ramona Thompson


Mad men with guns and men refusing to stand for our nation's song

Ask yourselfs what has the world come to?

Young people with no sense anymore of right and wrong


God only knows what could be next

One thing we must not do is ignore these terrible warnings of time's end

Devil already has way too many soliders in this fight as it is


Better to be safe then sorry and so we must take drastic measures againest these terrorists

Let us begin with the firing of disrespectful NFL players and tougher gun laws

Everyone must band together as one if we hope to win this nation's toughest battles yet

So it must be if we ever to make American great again

Sad but true our heros have failed us and mad men have taken over


Another tragic mass murder or show of open disrespect cannot happen again

Maybe if had been tougher in the first place none of this would be happening

Every single one of us shares some small part of blame

I know we can't go back, but we must somehow go forward

Regardless of creed, sex or color

Cowards must be dealt with

A wake up call must be answered

No more innocent people should die and no more flags should be simply spit upon


Not if we will all stand

Not kneel or link arms but stand

As one

And take this great nation back!

One brave act at a time!


2017 Ramona Thompson


The National Anthem


By Ramona Thompson


They who refuse to stand should fined, fired and banned for life

However good they play is not the question here

Even if they mend their ways the damage they have done to the younger generation who looks up to them has been done


No excuses and for sure no second chances

A coward who refuses to stand for our nation is no man I want my child looking up to

That's all there is to it

I don't care if you agree with me or not I fully intend to speak my mind

One should not and can not be quite when it comes to our nation being hated on like this

No way this mess can leak any more into the minds of our native youth


A damned shame and waste of their God given talents

Let them learn you don't mess with the U.S.A.

All American or you are not American at all

Not allowed to stay on this soil if you hate it so much you refuse to stand for it

There can be no backing down on this if we want to keep them in line

Have to make an example of least a few to get the others to shape up

Either they stand or they go it is as simple as that

Make a stand for your nation or leave!


Your choice NFL players

How shall we play this?


2017 Ramona Thompson




By Ramona Thompson


How about we all just take a moment to think this thru?

A little better understanding maybe we could come to

Let us link arms at the table rather than on the field

Fall to our knees only to pray not to disrespect a blameless flag

There's got to be a better way than the one you have chosen

I bet if we talked more and protested less we would find it

Maybe even meet on common ground

Ever think about that?


How about this?

A meeting of the minds in peace rather than empty protest

Let us work as one rather than apart to find the solution

Feelings put aside in favor or logic

This I believe could work so much better, don't you?

If we all just stopped pointing fingers long enough


Maybe even a president would have to eat his harsh words.....


2017 Ramona Thompson




By Ramona Thompson


None of you deserve all the riches you get

Flaunting your disrespect all over the place of our nation

Losers one and all no matter how great you play the game


So many good men and women have died for that flag

Ones you should be grateful to

Best believe you would have and be nothing if not for them


So why can't you stand for just a few precious minutes?


No matter the color of your skin or your creed it is your honor bound duty

Follow the examples of better men who have come before you

Learn and listen so you may gain wisdom


So what if you're a superstar on the field?

Once upon a time they were superstars for you on the battlefield

Build with honor, steel and more guts than you will ever know

So let's show them at least an ounce of respect


Now is the only time for life is short

Followed by small children who look up to you

Let them not down


Show them what a true, brave American can be

One at a time guide them to do the honorable thing

Better men for it you will surely be

Shoving aside selfish wants and needs for the desire of others


2017 Ramona Thompson


On Bended Knee


By Ramona Thompson


Out now with with your damn protests

No excuse for this behavior concerning your birth nation


Blame not the flag or a song for your own failures

Every last one of you is a complete disagree

No one should upon you again as any kind of hero

Don't you see you are only make the problems of this world worst?

Every time you refuse to stand you tear away that much more of your own self respect

Even your reflection turns away in horror  


Is it really worth it?


Is it?


2017 Ramona Thompson



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