Bon Ouija-A Bon Jovi Tribute Band



Soul For Sale


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's Love For Sale


Well I think I woke up

In Hell this morning

I rolled out of bed

Feelin' like the living dead

Knew something wicked had

Gotten into my head

Checked my e-mail

There was a letter that read


Soul for sale

Soul for sale


With trembling fingers

I dialed your cell phone

I knew I had to reach you

If I could

Last night played a deadly game

With a demon

Got to talking

Pulled in by his cruel little spellbook

We slowly became the fish

Trapped on his satanic hook


Soul for sale

Soul for sale


Sent out the wrong kinda signal

Now ain't nobody around

To throw us a lifeline

Indebted to a fatal Valentine

It sure ain't legal

This kinda voodoo

Gotta be a damn crime

Girl, we're one step from crazy

Running from this beast unleashed

Only two steps behind


Now I'm being haunted

By the ghost of Lt. Columbo

On my tv set

Voices calling

From everywhere

In this haunted house

Come play the game

Got a devil lookin' to cash in his bet

Meanwhile I'm screaming

I don't wanna be

No Satan's pet


Soul for sale

Soul for sale


We've been sinning together

3 years, 2 hours and 20 minutes

Can't escape what we did

Even drinking 400 beers

You can't stay forever on the run

When what's gunning for you has

A thousand eyes

Beyond the stars


I guess it's too late now

To say I've learnt my lesson

If only it had been easier to see

My own dumb ass never would've played this cruel joke on me

I never looked before I leaped

I never knew it was too late

Till it already had me


Soul for sale

Soul for sale

Soul for sale

Soul for sale

Soul for sale


2017 Ramona Thompson


Always Say Goodbye


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's Never Say Goodbye


As you sit in this haunting room

Life as you know it about to end

The time edges closer

Ever closer to those unseen dangers

The game contains a cruel fiend


Remember this advice in the deep dark

As these wicked souls cry out here

In the deadly cool of the dark

Remember never to over

Total control of the keys

Remain always

In the driver's seat




Always say goodbye

Always say goodbye

Just between you and me

Never be swayed by those old friends

Or your misery will never end

So always say goodbye

Always say goodbye

No holdin' on

We got to let the circle die

No, no holdin' on

At the end

You must

Always say goodbye


Remember never to skip

Or else you'll unleash something cruel

Living forever with fear and racing hearts

It just ain't cool

Don't let it go to your head

Makin' you forget

That 6 pack or super sonic radio

For if you do

There'll never again be

No safe place for you to go


Remember before you make that fatal choice tonight

Just between you and me

It's better if you give yourself

A chance in this fight

For if you do it

Even the slightest wrong

Evil will hold you in its arms

No escape

It will be too strong


So if you know what's good

You won't let it get close

You'll be careful and slow or else it will be sworn

To never let you go

In the darkness of Hell

With it







Please to what I say


When with the dead you talk

Cold breath brusting out of

Racing hearts

Heed my warning

Lest you fall victim




2017 Ramona Thompson


Demon Bling


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's Diamond Ring




Demon bling

Now the Hell has gone to your head

It's gonna take over your whole world

Turn you into some kinda Satantic following man

Demon bling

Oh uhholy, unpure demon bling

Baby, you're gonna lose everything

Giving your soul over

To that demon bling


Blood red rose that first began

To steal your life from you

Blood red rose that so cruel misled you

It crys out for you now

So awful

So true

Poison of the red living dead red, red blood rose

It is a Hellfire that grows

Lost inside the bitter heart of this blood red rose


Tonight it's so hungry

Gonna eat you all up

Tonight yeah it's so thristy

It's gonna savor every last drop of blood

In your living cup

When you hear that strange moaning

Then you'll know for sure it's come for you

And there won't be not a damned thing you can do


Tonight it's so hungry

Gonna eat you all up

Tonight yeah it's so thristy

It's gonna savor every last drop of blood

In your living cup

When you hear that strange moaning

Then you'll know for sure it's come for you

And there won't be not a damned thing you can do


You know from here into all eternity

It's gonna make you bleed

Every night from this one forward

Never again any sleep

Cause it would be useless

It would find you

Even in your dreams

You played the forbidden game

Now it owns your soul

Now it owns your everything




Gonna lost everything you got

To that demon bling


No, son, too late now

You're never gonna cut the string of that....


Demon bling


2017 Ramona Thompson


Unwanted Dead Or Alive


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead Or Alive


It's not just some silly game

If you play

Forever your life will change

Every question ask

It strips that much of your soul


It exsist

In a dark place so grim and cold

It feeds all night

Each body it takes

Only as another temporary home


It's the devil, boy

On a rotting horse this demonic cowboy does ride

Best to leave it alone

Unwanted dead or alive

Unwanted dead or alive


Too many times if you let it creep

It will steal the breath of your days

And beware those shadow people you may meet

Looking to slice and dice you

Seven different ways

Anytime could be your judgement day

Play not with the creeps

Or son you won't make it back

Cause it's poison leaks everywhere

No one yet has lived through its fatal call

Yeah, its etched fear upon a million faces

And devoured them all


It's the devil, boy

On a demonic rotting horse this cowboy from Hell does ride

Best to just leave it

Unwanted dead or alive

Unwanted dead or alive


It's your soul it longs to drink

So before you play it alone

May I ask first that you think


It's a cold master tonight that stalks your streets

Evil eyes bore silent into your back



It's the devil, boy

On a demonic rotting horse this cowboy from Hell does ride

Best to just leave it

Unwanted dead or alive

Unwanted dead or alive

Unwanted dead or alive


2017 Ramona Thompson


Bed of Black Roses


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's Bed of Roses


Sitting here at this haunted piano

Trying hard not to become captured

By the dreadful mood of this graveyard morning

Trembling I know

I may never escape

This beast of burden

Lodged deep inside my twisted head

Reliving again and again

The blood and the nightmares

Brought by the living dead

Silent I scream

For mercy to be granted

This heart of heaviest dread


With an ironclad fist I long to wake from this pitful mourning

Anything to escape this Satanic marching band beating away

In my living corpse's head

Slowly the worms feast and I know I am dying

Wishing there was a god

In whom I could believe

But words like love and truth have only ever

Rang empty to me

And the truth is baby this release from my bitter life

May be just what I so desperately need




I want to lay down on a bed of black roses

For too long now

I have dreamed awake

On a bed of nails

Oh, what an unholy ghost it is

And to escape

My only hope is to

Lay down on a bed of black roses


Hell, I never dreamed

Heaven could drift so far away

That each step would be one even further from home

My soul not even worth

A king's ransom in dimes

That is my fear

My true fright

Haunted by the ghost hiding

In my old cell phone

I have tried so long to run

From that night's crime

Only to find no way through

And so every night the barbed wire of guilt drags me closer

To the horror of you

I close my eyes and hear you still whisper

Baby, I'll get you back yet

It's true




My thrist for this life has run dry

Ever since the night I led you astray and crooked

I have felt myself

Watched by that evil and guilty eye

I know too well

More and more

The vengence it seeks

And I cry so hard some nights

It's a wonder I have't died


Whenever I close my eyes

I shudder

Knowing I can't escape you

For you are my mistress

Calling to me

To stand in that devil's spotlight again

Just another cold and haunted night


Where I am never alone

Endlessly to get away

God knows I have tried

But that I won't

By any means escape this creeping empty

With only evil to prove

And as it closes in one last time

It's the last of my sanity

I die to defend




2017 Ramona Thompson


Living Without A Prayer


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer


Once upon a time

Not so long ago


Tommy played the most deadly of games

Now the devil is out to strike

Our boy is running fast


Outta luck

He's not too tough

Not too tough

Gina sold her soul for a rich man's favor yesterday

Turned her back on God and man

Now into her home comes a demon

To collect his pay

Push has come to shove

Push has come to shove


She says

We've got to hold on

To what little sanity we've got

Cause it don't make a difference if we meant it or not

We each owe our own brand of Hell alot

Push has come to shove

We may not even have a shot


We're half way to nowhere

Living without a prayer

After our heads

Doubtful we'll make it

But if you do

I'll try my damnest I swear

Won't lose you

Living without a prayer


Tommy put his soul up

In a 666 hock

Now a deep breath he's holding in

So sick of being chewed up and used

He's all done with talk

Time to get tough

Gina screams they'll never get away

Tommy whispers

"Baby, baby we'll make it out ok"



Chorus 2X


We've got to hold on

Ready or not

Cause this could be the last fight

The last chance we've got




2017 Ramona Thompson


Nuclear In The Streets


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's Wild In The Streets


Bad news is coming down

Could affect every big city

And small town

Terror is staring to

Talk tough

They wanna bury us all

6 feet deep underground

Now we all quake in fear for our soliders

Fearing those terrible siren wails

While the president and his army of yes men

Rehearse for the media

Their little lines

Yeah, just between me and you

I don't trust a word

Not a word they say

Oh yeah




Those missles anyday now could be cruising

If this enemy

We don't find a way to defeat

Oh yeah

Our rights are taking a backseat

As we fear going nuclear

Nuclear in the streets

Nuclear in the streets


Just another empty member of the goverment's brain dead brigade

Pushing ever closer the date

Our enemy could come to settle the score

You know this world we live in

It's gone bat shit crazy

Every day you only hear more and more

Doom knocking at every door

Looking for big trouble

God help us

How can we escape this fight?

If only for one more night

Seems all we do anymore is sit and stare

Through fear's window

Praying every day and night

It's all gonnae turn out alright




Nuclear, nuclear in the streets

Nuclear, nuclear in the streets

Nuclear, nuclear in the streets


Too often in these times now

Life in these United States ain't pretty

Yeah, you know

Every headline goes from bad to badder

How can we be happy?

When we can't really relax

Inside I feel so sad

Cause over there they got no code of honor


Just wanna tear our way of life down here


Pray we won't resist in vain

Gotta solider up and show 'em

Son, this ain't no child's parade

This here is our hometown


2017 Ramona Thompson


It'll Come For You


Rewrite of Bon Jovi's I'll Be There For You


I guess time you'll believe me

When I say you're really dying

I heard the Ouija bid you goodbye

And as your broken soul lies bleeding

I think finally you see

Playing this game alone

It's always a suicide


You plead crying a thousand rivers

And now it's too late to swim

To that safe shore

You left me drowning in my fears

Now its my turn

To return the favor

No, no one can save you anymore


No, don't waste anymore breath

Praying to your crippled God

You won't get one last second chance, boy




It'll come for you

These five dark words I swear to you

When you gasp to breathe

It will steal the air from you

It'll come here for you

The dark master lives and dies

To find you

It will steal the sun from the sky

If only to punish you

Words alone can't say

The horror of what its gonna do to you

It'll come here for you


I know you must know

You're done with your good times

In this life and in the next

There will be no hiding place

You are nevermore promised tomorrow

And you'll never buy back yesterday


And baby you know your hands are so bloody

Say goodbye forever

To your last Valentine

There's no water in Hell

For when you get thristy

When you wanna forget and get drunk

There'll be no wine






And no one will ever again be there

To make you happy

Only there

From this moment on

To Hell's abyss

To drag you down

I'll laugh so hard

Ha ha

When you blow out those death day candles baby

Sobbing like the aborted

When you find

There's no way out




2017 Ramona Thompson




Rewrite of Bon Jovi's song by the same name


This Ouija Romeo lays bleeding

Covered in the fool's blood

Fear fed on the most delicious human feelings

That their native fingers kicked up


The blood has been raining down ever since

They found me

Now I'll drown them all in my acid flood

You see I've always been a killer

And when it comes to feasting on sould

I never do give up


Now I sing a dreadful cruel song

About the demented way for you

Life and death is gonna be

Hell has granted your lost souls to me forever more


Yeah baby

Yeah for the ouija




And I will haunt you baby, always

And I'll stalk you everywhere

Forever and a day, always

I'll be the scare there

To make sure only the blackest sun does shine

Till your belief in the heavens brust

I'll be your eternal mind crime

And know that when you die

I'll be inside your mind

Like a cancer

Eating away at you, always


Broken pieces of you will be

All that the game leaves behind

Just tortured memories of a bitter life

And how I will laugh

As your agonized soul does cry

Wishing you had played by the rules

And said goodbye

Tell me

Do you feel my taloned fingers rip at your hair?

Do I make tremble those pale lips?

As you feel my darkness near

No need for prayers

Don't misunderstand

You've made too many mistakes

There'll be no forgiveness

From the big man


When this evil pulls you close, when it drags you near

When it says the spellbound words no mortal soul should ever hear

You'll wish

You had listened way back when

But too late cause you're now you're mine

And I have power over you till the end of time


Yeah, I will haunt you baby

Always and I'll be the shadow there

Forever and a day, always


If I tell you to die for me, you would

If I tell you to cry only to me, you better believe you could

Took too long a look at devil's face

Now your soul is the price you must pay

For the forbidden words spoken by you


Well, there's only a bastard's rotten luck

In these loaded dice

Oh baby, don't even bother to try

Just pack up your old dreams and your old lives

Cause where you're  headed is a dark place

Where God's golden sun never shines


Yeah, I will haunt you baby

Always and I'll be the shadow there

Forever and a day, always




2017 Ramona Thompson


It's Coming For My Life


By Ramona Thompson


This is the song about

What becomes of the broken hearted

Please say one last prayer

For my soul

Soon to be dreadfully departed

I guess I must have picked the wrong face

Out of that crowd

Now all I hear is this evil voice

Screaming out so damned loud

I just know...




It's coming for my life

I only have now

Wish I had never

But I played in that lonesome graveyard

Now it wants me forever

Running outta time to live

Feels like I'm being eaten alive

It's coming for my life

My beating heart has been opened

To the devil's highway

Ouija said

Boy, now we're gonna play it my way

Running out of time to live

Feels like I'm being eaten alive

It's coming for my life


This is for the ones trying to pull me underground

Already got Tommy and Gina

666 feet down

Tomorrow if I make it

Won't be any easier

Make no mistake

Luck ain't enough

It's all too real

Not one of those internet fakes




So bitter

I stand here so small

Hearing the demon call my soul out

It's gonna bend, gonna break

Ouija gonna bury me

666 underground




2017 Ramona Thompson













Inspired by the film, Evil Dead

Body is buried 

Under the station

Small town did't wait for me to pack my  suitcase

Now the devil's taken me by the hand

Here he has unleashed certain charms

Never knew I had in me

Tells me soon they'll all understand

From childhood

When  I was placed in the dark all alone

By parents unfeeling

I left the angel I could have been

So far

Too far behind

To ever go back now

To Hell I'm not afraid to go

Cause all my life before  











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