Love into Hate

Added in 2011

Is it true that you love me, in your tainted idea of love?
I guess in your head its ok, that everything isn’t enough.
How can you’re conscience let you indulge, when your heart knows the truth?
Is this your ridiculous battle, to hold on to your youth?
Do your hands yearn to touch me, even as your betrayal manifests
Or are you free of remembrance, as you fucking obsess
When you’re caught you feel bad, yea I bet that you do..
You feel bad that you were caught not for me, it’s true.
Take this knife out of my back and walk, that’s what I said,
I told you I would hate you, but you want me instead.
I told you that we could be friends, and we could move on,
Instead you fight to keep me. and say that I am wrong.
You promise me this, and you promise me that,
I am sorry for this, but your words don’t me scat.
Its actions that I need, and my forgiveness is slow,
Trust takes seconds to kill, and decades to grow,
I hope that you realize, that this is the last time,
Cause if you hurt me again, you’re crossing a line.
I will hate you, with every ounce of my soul
And I will ruin your life, before letting you go.
Heed this warning, and just be true,
Don’t turn my love, into hate for you.

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