Money can't buy happiness.

Pull me out of the ditch the son of a bitch dug.

When I asked my father for a simple hug.

I was given 100 dollars instead.

If I were queen I would have ordered "Off with his head".

I could never wish bad upon my sperm provider.

Whom is the improviser.

Replacing love with money.

As if 100 dollars could erase my memory.

"Henry, come into the yard" the perfect father said.

"Come along, let's play football, put this helmet on your head".

My father, with his false smile and fake expression said to me;

"You're a mistake".

And by the miserable way he's treating me I must be.

No father to take me fishin'.

No father to take me sleading.

No father to walk me down the isle on my wedding day.

I only have what I've always had, his money.

And money can't buy happiness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this very long ago, when I had first started getting into writing. Mhum.

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