Rainbows, bubble gum, & dinosaurs.

Given a little, but I want more.

Indian casinos & street whores.

Addictive as hell.

Yell, Rebel, Yell.

Am I doing all that well?

Hot shit.

Cold piss.

Why can't I deal with this?

Iron fists & golden smiles.

If I sell my soul to the devil will you stay for awhile?

Cursed miles, throw me away.

Heartbroken today.

Why can't anything positive just fucking stay?

Blood loss tomorrow.

I've drowned myself in sober sorrow.

The bottom of the bottle.

Change is near & it's coming full throttle.

Anorexic super model.

Super hero.

Super zero.

Negative infinity.

Look at what the miles have done to me.

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