With Your Hands

10th grade

Little boy, little boy,

come and sit by my side.

Tell me your stories,

dig in the dirt with your hands. 

     (Build me a castle.)


Helper, helper,

come and stand behind me.

Tell me your ideas,

guide my motions with your hands.

     (Show me an example.)


Music man, music man,

come and play your song for me.

Tell me how you live your life,

make the rhythm with your hands.

     (Lay me down a beat!)


Lover, lover, 

come and lie down next to me.

Tell me you won't let me go,

warm my body with your hands.

     (Give me a quieter place to sleep.)


Keeper, keeper,

come and watch the moon with me.

Tell me it will be okay,

wipe my teardrops with your hands.

     (Be my missing peace.)


Sailor, sailor,

come to leave me on the land.

Tell me that you're gone tonight,

wave goodbye to me with your hands.

     (Don't say a word.)


Angel, please,

come home, come home.

     (I'll leave the window open.)


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