I remember all the times you watched me in the dark,
never a word, that's your mark.

All the fights, all the tears, shed on both sides,
deep down pain in guarded eyes.

You'd think we'd have learned by now,
we haven't, I don't know how.

You hurt me, I hurt you,
it's a never ending cycle.

There's anger and tears,
harsh words like no one cares.

We always make it right,
friends again, until the next fight.

I can't walk away, not only did I promise,
I have no choice but to stay.

It like you haunt me when I'm alone,
I feel you when you're so far away.

Memories and moments from years past,
they return far too fast.

It seems I've walked away so many times,
each fight because of something done or said.

You never stop me, only let me go further ahead,
but always accept or make an apology when its needed.

I'm sorry for leaving, things I can't say,
they seem irrelevant each day.

You have your life and I mine,
all that ties us is a child and a fragile line.

I don't know how to talk to you anymore,
all of my words have disappeared over time.

Of all the things I wish to know,
why won't you let me go?

The number of scars have piled up over the years,
lost count of all the tears.

I've broken my promise time and again,
but still you're there waiting at the end.

Sometimes I don't know who's waiting for who,
we go back and forth, me and you.

I just wish I knew why, after all the times I've said goodbye,
you won't leave me behind.

Surely we've both done more harm than good,
this twisted relationship began long before parenthood.

Some days I know you, better than you think,
the rest you remain a mystery,
there and gone in no more than a blink.

Leaving forever was never an option for me,
but why do you let it go on that way,
just letting it be, why do you let me stay?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a while this was a desperate plea, now it's turned into a simple question of why do you let me stay instead of telling me to go.

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