Chess pieces


This is how you play the game,
but that's how you lose.

Don't you know you can't get close,
you should stop yourself too soon.

Don't you know you can't start to care,
They'll eat you alive if you do.

All you are is a pawn,
a meaningless possession to be bought and sold.

No better than a hooker on a street corner,
they'll still rape your soul.

Play by the rules,
it doesn't matter.

Do everything you can,
it's never enough.

Crying on your knees,
they don't want your tears.

Try to walk away,
too late, you're stuck here.

You gave your free will away,
only for a chance to keep your sanity,
such a simple price to pay.

Play nice and smile,
pretend its not killing you all the while.

You'll never be free, you're a slave,
a prisoner till the end of your days.

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