Passive aggressive


Words are burning on my tongue,

so much I want to let out,

but I can't risk it all coming undone.

I need this too much,

I need the promise of stability,

more than I need your cruel attacks at my sanity.

You chip away at armor that's not yet strong,

finding a weakness to twist and manipulate,

until I'm writhing in agony.

Biting my tongue, holding my temper in check,

only to break once I'm alone.

No, I won't give you that power over me,

I won't let you win, my enemy.

Too much hangs in the balance,

too much rests on that fragile line,

I'll do anything not to mess it up this time.

The smallest expression could crack that wall,

but I'll be damned if it's because of you that I let it fall.

I can handle the abuse, I can handle the anger, pain and shame,

enternalizing and staying silent is all part of the game.

All these words poison my heart, all these words could free me,

but I wouldn't be able to stop once I start.

So instead I say nothing, at least not aloud,

instead I let the words slowly die,

turning into cold determination.

I'm not who I used to be, I'm not going to break,

nothing you say or do is going to make me.

Get ready for the tables to turn,

don't expect me to react,

no, I think I'll just let this burn.

Everything that I want to say,

all the anger is being locked away.

I know who you are now,

I know your angle,

trust me, this round has barely begun.

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