Can't you tell that I've already seen through you.
Don't you get it?
I've already dug way deep down.

You don't fool me, you never did.

You're not as mysterious as you make yourself out to be,
At least not to me.

I know who you are,
I've seen what's behind the curtain,
I know all the secrets,
Every single illusion and trap door.

All these years we've known eachother,
Still you think me naive,
That I couldn't possibly know the truth.

What you're capable of,
I always knew.

Every lie you say, they don't fool me,
I have always heard the truth,
I don't even know why.

Something in the way you speak to me,
The smallest softening, something you just can't hide.

There are a lot of unanswered questions,
A certain kind of connection that cannot be denied.

Even though I can read you like a audio book,
The reason behind it will forever leave me blind.

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